Want to Become a Supplier?


We’re proud to play an integral role in the Australian seafood industry, and we’re committed to ensuring a sustainable supply of seafood for generations to come. But we can’t do it without the efforts and energy of our trusted Suppliers, whose produce is enjoyed all around Australia.

We carefully vet our Suppliers, based on the following criteria:

  • Evidence of a valid licence and/or certificate for the type of seafood they catch or harvest.
  • Capability to comply with SFM Seafood Handling Guidelines.
  • Product being caught/produced in accordance with the regulations of the relevant fishery or aquaculture sector (this includes catch quotas and other stock management/preservation arrangements).

When it comes to the product being supplied, we’re focused on sustainable practices, minimising environmental impacts, and maintaining the livelihoods of professional fishers. 

The five Responsible Sourcing Principles below apply to everything sold through our auction and non-auction sales system:

  1. Our product is lawfully supplied.
  2. Our products are traceable.
  3. We support continuous improvement in fisheries and aquaculture.
  4. Our products are labelled in accordance with the Australian Fish Names Standard.
  5. Information about our product is consistent and clear.

If you’d like to become one of our Suppliers, please get in touch with our Customer Service Team on 02 9004 1100 or at service@sydneyfishmarket.com.au.

From there, we’ll send you a kit with relevant info on packing, transport, commission rates, and payment—and, most importantly, your application form.

Once you send us your application, our Customer Service Team will review it and contact you with an update.